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*Testimonials are regularly added to our facebook page which can be found by searching 'Rob's Veterinary'

I cannot recommend Rob's services enough! Our little fella Charlie was diagnosed with FLUTD in early 2014, we had struggled to keep his cystitis under control and by Sept 2016 he was in a constant cycle of pain. We tried every medical treatment avaliable, every diet, all the supplements, environmental changes and surgical intervention and to no avail. Having reached the point of considering letting our baby go to stop his pain we saw Rob as a last resort. In the very first session Charlies reaction to acupuncture and NES therapy were hopeful. He was fully at ease with Rob who wss able to guide us through his proposed treatment plan with honesty and empathy. Robs gental unassuming manner allowed us and Charlie to relax and allow the treatment to work to its full potential. Unbelievably almost 3 months later Charlie had zero issues or symptoms of FLUTD. He is happy, confident, cheeky andable to clearly communicate his needs now. Thanks to Rob and his treatment Charlie has been able to unlock the tools he needs to maintain a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Rob-you are a great man, a brilliant vet and we owe our little mans happiness to you! Thankyou from us and our sharp dressed bear, Charlie

Our Boxer Finny had a suspected stroke in August 2016. He was paralysed in front and back legs and couldn't stand or walk at all.

After visiting our regular vet, it was suggested that we put him to
sleep as he wouldn't have quality of life.

Fortunately we found Dr Rob Willis and he treated Finny with acupuncture and natural medications and gave us some physio exercises to do at home.

Finny started to improve and we were able to get him walking again. It is 5 months on since his stroke and he is doing really well.

He still has some weakness in his right side, but he is swimming in the pool and running around with our other 5 Boxers.

He has good quality of life and is a happy boy again.

We can't thank Dr Rob enough for giving Finny the chance to continue to live his life in comfort and with dignity.

Regards Carol and Peter

My mare has continued to have issues with a gunky right eye which has been ongoing for some months. I have tried eye ointment from a vet which we have used 2 tubes of combined with the eye and nasal area being bathed daily.

She has also had her duct flushed a couple of months ago and always wears a fly veil.
The issue would always improve with treatment but never resolve completely.

Rob visited my mare to treat her for another reason and on mentioning this issue we agreed to try acupuncture around the face.

Since Rob's visit I have not had to apply any eye ointment due to the improvement in her condition. I am one happy owner as this has been an ongoing issue for some time!


Dear Rob,

I just wanted to send you this thank you note on behalf of Paul and I, and Daisy dog. Please feel free to use it on social media etc. as testimonial of the benefits of her treatment.

To provide a little bit of context to how grateful we are for the results she’s had, Daisy was 8 years old when she first came to us and had had a pretty rough background. She was always the sweetest girl in the world, so accepting and loving. Right from the start, regardless of any of her physical issues, the best thing we could to make her happy were plenty of cuddles and to tell her what a good girl she is. She’s a pretty tough cookie, but over the last 3 years or so we realised that her arthritis was really starting to get the better of her. Her stride was decreasing, sometimes she’d have a fall or try to get up and fall back down again. Although it’s difficult to see how much pain an animal might be in, we could see she wasn’t as “smiley” and carefree as she’d been earlier. She always loved her walks but we’ve really shortened them up as we could see signs of pain from her when she’d come back from longer one’s. We’ve tried a number of treatments over the years, and met some really clever Vets and practitioners. We also tried various supplements and also natural “food based” additions to her diet. I think a lot of what we did had an impact and helped her, but we never had quite the impact we’ve seen from her recent arthritis treatment with you. Now at 14 years of age, following her treatment, Daisy is walking better, her strides aren’t so short and she has the energy to go a little further without suffering obvious ill effects. The signs of pain we were seeing have diminished significantly, her energy is better, she’s “smiley” again and we’ve been able to reduce her anti-inflammatory medication by half, which is a relief. I’m hoping over time we can reduce this further. It’s such a joy to have Daisy dog in our lives and to have helped her go from being fearful and timid when we first took her in, to see her today confident, moving more freely and playing, living life the way a dog should. I can’t tell you what it means to us, so thank you again so much for your care and thoughtfulness during her treatments. I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone, and we all look forward to seeing you again in the future.


Many thanks from


Paul, Sabrina and Daisy dog J


I would like to thank Rob on his treatment of Lassie she is a Maremma cross 6 years old and she has had seizures and she has chronic arthritis, since seeing Rob she has improved 100 %.
Rob has her on a Stem cell therapy treatment which she get a needle every 6 weeks now as before it was every month for 3 months then a booster.
This has changed her life around tremendously she runs around like a very happy dog.
Anyone who is thinking of seeing someone who cares and who has the ability to improve ones pet and beloved animal I would recommend Rob Willis, he has been a life saver for Lassie as her future without him would have been a sad one as we would not want her in the pain she was in.

- Sue


We first had contact with Rob back in 2020 when we were told our goldie had elbow dysplasia after a rushed trip to the vet due to him suddenly having episodes of limping, unfortunately due to covid and border closures we couldn’t organise a face to face appointment with Rob but he was extremely helpful and supportive via phone calls and getting pureflexa tablets delivered to our local vet during a time where we were lost on what step to take next. Fast forward 2 years our goldie has been on pureflexa and he has had zero issues and is back to his happy playful self, we also recently got to have a face to face appointment and meet rob who was extremely thorough, professional and caring in his approach. 



Our gorgeous American Bulldog RB, 13 years, has been under Rob’s amazing care for acupuncture and stem cell therapy to assist with hip mobility issues. He went from an athletic happy energetic dog to a weary immobile dog that obviously was in pain and was succumbing to age and arthritis. Rob suggested treatments of acupuncture and stem cell injections combined with his PureFlexa joint mobility tablets. After two months of treatments, we noticed gradual improvements which four months later resulted in amazing improvements. RB is now able to run in the park, walk on the beach without stiffness and jumps on our bed for cuddles. Outstanding success. We highly recommend these treatments and can also recommend PureFlexa as we have been using this product for 2 years now and it makes a huge difference to joint mobility for our pups. Thank you, Rob, for taking such great care of our furry family.

Louisa and Chris Evans


 April 2023

Hey Rob,

It’s Simone, I don’t know if you remember me! You performed acupuncture on my sausage dog Ivy. I would like to give you an update.

As you know a week after we came to see you we purchased a wheelchair, as she wasn’t showing any improvement. 2 and a half weeks after having her in a wheelchair and after seeing you, she got up one morning and started to walk like normal.

It has been 6 months (I think or maybe a bit more or less) and she is running around and the best she has ever been. I would like to think it was the acupuncture you performed on her.

We haven’t used the wheelchair since and she is back to normal. Thank you so much and I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to keep you updated. She is doing so well and we have slowly taken her off the anti inflammatory as well and is doing AMAZING!

It’s been amazing! I can’t thank you enough!

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