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Rob is commonly approached to treat horses across a range of pursuits from thoroughbred racing to dressage and show jumping. Rob also treats a large number of geriatric patients struggling with arthritis and injuries from years gone by from their athletic careers where owners are now looking for quality of life assistance into older age.

Rob is commonly sought after to help horse owners when standard veterinary exams are unable to pinpoint the problem, often issues that riders can feel under saddle such as one-sidedness and canter issues that are not easy to pinpoint on routine veterinary examination due to lack of a measurable lameness.

Rob utilizes techniques such as acupuncture and gentle manipulative techniques to assist in treating these problems and will readily refer to local equine veterinarians where appropriate once the underlying issue is identified if not within Rob's scope of expertise.

Conditions Rob can help your horse with:


1. Degenerative Joint Disease (Arthritis & chronic joint injuries)

2. Neck, back & pelvic issues (spinal)

3. Gut ulcers (Rob's examination includes a gut ulcer assessment)

4. Behavioural problems (bucking, pig rooting, girthiness)

5. Performance related issues - particularly unexplained poor performance where regular veterinary assessments have been unable to identify the problem.

6. Subtle or 'pre' lameness - Uneveness (one sided or back to front), horses with canter problems (transitions, rough canters or inability to canter).

7. Other musculoskeletal eg. Navicular disease, tendon & ligament injuries, saddle bruising and related issues

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