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In addition to standard Veterinary procedures and consultations across both dogs and cats (see "Services"), Dr Rob is sought after predominantly for his ability to help dogs with arthritis as well as spinal injuries and post surgical pain.

Dr Rob has helped numerous dogs regain their ability to walk following acute hindlimb paralysis, particularly when clients are not able to undertake surgery for their animals.


Dr Rob has a number of treatment options available and is often sought after when regular veterinary treatments are not helping. Rob is commonly sought out by dog owners for 2nd opinions on pain management of their animals and is happy to work in with their regular vet.

Common conditions Rob can help your dog with include:

  • Degenerative Joint Disease (Arthritis)

  • Disc prolapse and paralysis (IVDD)

  • Back Pain

  • Post surgical pain & recovery

  • Mobility/Movement issues

  • Chronic pain


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