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The Cairns Mobile Vet


Dr Rob is a leading pain management professional whose greatest point of difference is the cutting edge services that are applied to the treatment of your pets. Dr Rob has a toolkit of Pain Management specialities that he has practiced on animals over the past 20 years; including Acupuncture, Trigger Point Injections, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF). Additionally, Dr Rob assists with the treatment of all types of Chronic Pain (Osteoarthritis, Spinal pain & IVDD, cancer pain and post surgical pain). 

Dr Rob does this through both physical and medical interventions and stays up to date with leading developments in both the veterinary and human pain management space to optimize treatment outcomes for your pet.

Chronic pain is not only debilitating for your dog or cat; it can affect both quality and quantity of life. Unresolved and inadequately managed pain is one of the the most common reasons for animals requiring veterinary intervention and even euthanasia.

What is involved in a pain management consultation?

Upon booking for a pain management consultation you can expect the following from Dr Rob:

1. Gait Exam (Analysis of the animal's physical movement)

2. Physical Exam (Complete musculoskeletal analysis identifying painful areas, including indivudal joint and spinal analysis)

3. Development of a specific pain management program for your pet (taking into account painful areas, pre existing disease, previous medication reactions, etc) to develop the optimum pain management approach for your pet. This may include physical intervention such as Acupuncture, Trigger point injections  or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. It may also include prescription of medications or supplements specific to your pet's needs.

4. You may also be asked to fill out a pain assessment of your pet prior to consultation

Telehealth Pain Management Consultations Available

While there are limitations to Telemedicine vs an in person examination; Telemedicine can be a great way to access key information and pain management assistance for your pet.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the insertion of needles into specific points on the body to bring about a response in the animal. One of the 'responses' is a strong anti-inflammatory or pain relieving effect which is mediated via the nervous and endocrine systems of the animal being treated. Acupuncture is particularly effective for hip, pelvic and back pain, for treatment of IVDD & Hip dysplasia for example.

What is PEMF Therapy?

Information Coming

What is Trigger Point Injection?

Trigger Point (TP) Injection is the injection of a therapeutic substance (liquid) directly into specific points of muscle and soft tissue. They me be acupuncture points but they may also be non acupuncture points in specific areas of inflammation and injury.

Which animals may benefit from Pain Management?

Just like humans, as our pets live longer there becomes an increased risk of developing chronic pain conditions such as Osteo Arthritis (OA) and other degenerative conditions of the musculoskeletal system.


Animals can become slower, less interested in the things they enjoyed when younger and often their behaviour will change in other ways such as anxiety, depressive and aggressive tendencies which can all be pain related. Often a more obvious 'limp' or lameness will become obvious.


Animals that have had orthopaedic surgery in their younger years may also exhibit chronic pain in later years; often in referred patterns or regions of the body as they age. This for example is quite common in dogs that have had knee procedures where in later years they can show soreness in areas such as their hips, lower backs and pelvis.

Any dog or cat with longstanding pain may benefit from a personalised pain management programme.


Dr Rob also treats pets who are experiencing pain for other reasons (not just due to old age), such as post surgical pain, pain from acute injuries such as disc protrusions and also non-musculoskeletal conditions such as seen in cancer patients.


If you feel your pet may be in pain, feels depressed or is less keen to play, it is worth discussing with your vet whether your pet may benefit from an appointment. 

Rob can be seen on a referral basis from your regular vet or without referral through direct contact for an appointment.

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