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The Cairns Mobile Vet

Your Place. Your Pet. Your Convenience.

Dr Rob Willis BVSc(hons),CVA(IVAS)

Dr Rob Willis is the Mobile Vet in Cairns that caters for all your pets veterinary needs directly to your home. With nearly 20 years experience, Dr Rob graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2004 with honours. He has previously worked in Melbourne, Sydney, the United Kingdom and more recently, Northern Queensland.


Specialising in pain management and mobility medicine for dogs, cats and horses, you can be guaranteed the greatest care and innovative treatments when booking with Dr Rob. 


Read more about Dr Rob's Pain Management offering here.

Why Mobile Vetcare?

Animal Comfort

Animals are generally most comfortable and at ease in their own home...... why not treat them there!

Personalized Visit

Convenience of having a vet visit your home for your animal

No busy waiting rooms

No waiting for emergencies to be dealt with before you

Your appointment, your home, your needs

Convenient Appointments

Work long hours?

Unable to take time off work to see the vet?

Having trouble making appointments due to your own work and family commitments?

Work out of town and arrive home late?

We've got you covered with appointments available 5 days a week including Monday to Thursday until 6pm

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